Yep, it’s a Seller’s Market…Again!


Wait, what??

Yep, it’s true. The TOTAL number of active homes for sale with a Madison address is 43. FORTY-THREE!

If you add in Fitchburg, Monona and Middleton, the number jumps up a bit to 59. An incredibily low number, even for February.

With such low inventory, it’s no wonder buyers are frustrated. And compounding the low inventory is interest rates beginning to creep up. As a result, eager buyers are starting their home search early in hopes of getting into a home sooner rather than later. How do I know this? According to, the average home sold faster this last January than any January on record. Oh boy!

If you are considering selling, now is your time. There will never be another time that the stars are aligning so well for sellers. Could you wait? Sure. But waiting means more competitors as more houses are listed. While those competitors wait, you could be ahead of the curve!

Tell me what’s holding you back? I can help😊