Working From Home Changing Buyer Needs

Working remotely is changing what homeowners are looking for in a home.  With more companies figuring out how to efficiently and effectively enable their employees to work remotely homeowners throughout the country are re-evaluating their needs. 

Working remotely is also changing how Americans spend their time at home, and also how they use the space they have.  Carving out a space for a home office isn’t what remote-workers want anymore.  And after spending months at home, the list of other items they want has grown.

Here’s what home buyers are looking for today:

  • More outside space
  • Home office
  • An extra bathroom
  • Larger kitchen
  • A space for homeschooling

Clearly, Americans are thinking differently about homeownership today, and through a new lens.

If your personal and professional needs have changed and you’re ready to accommodate all of your family’s competing priorities, give me a call! Making a move into a larger home may be exactly what you need to set your family up for optimal long-term success.