Valentine’s Day Ideas

Plans for Valentine’s Day?

While flowers, chocolates and greetings cards are always great ways to let your sweetheart know you care.  Here are some other Madison specific ideas that are sure to make your sweetie smile:

Find a special gift for your special someone at Orange Tree Imports on Monroe St.  Chockful of cooking supplies and gift ideas, you will be sure to find a perfect gift!

Plan a game night with your sweetie at Garth’s Brew Bar on Monroe St. (and have a beverage, too)!

Have dinner at Pizza Bruta on Monroe St., where the cozy atmosphere and the wood-fired pizza is sure to set a romantic mood.

How about a heart for your sweetheart?  Katy’s Native American Indian Arts on Monroe St. has a great selection of heart-shaped pendants and rings.

Is your honey the outdoors type?  Check out HIVE on Monroe St. for outdoor clothing and accessories.

Need just a little something?  Try coffee and a cupcake from Bloom bakeshop on Monroe St.

Plan a family photo portrait sitting to commemorate you!!

Let me know if tis was helpful to you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!