Transcontinental Transaction

Referrals are the highest compliment I ever receive, so I was thrilled when a friend called to put me in touch with her friends who had a condo to sell.  It was a sweet condo for sale in a darling little condominium complex complete with an in-unit laundry area and a cute balcony off of the dining room.

We set about getting the condo ready for sale, we signed paperwork and prepared marketing material We did a little staging, took great photos and I wrote a description to grab the attention of buyers.  We were all set!  The condo was on the market.

A week or so later, I received a call from another Realtor who had recently showed the condo to a buyer who was ready to make an offer.  Sweet!   Here’s the funny part: I was in Florida at the time.  The seller (my client) was in Minnesota. The buyer was in New York.  The buyer’s agent was in Seattle.  This was going to be a transcontinental transaction!  No problem!

With today’s technology (we love it and we hate it, don’t we?), this would be a snap.  Paperwork was completed, phone calls were made, negotiations took place, documents were signed and the condo was sold!  Between cell phones calls, texts, digital signature programs and e-mail the whole process was straight forward and seamless.  The seller was thrilled!  The buyer was elated!  And the other Realtor and I were happy to have a positive, painless experience that produced happy clients.

Perhaps you know a friend or relative that needs to buy or sell a property while not in Madison.  It’s a piece of cake with technology.  Have them give me a call at 608-333-4406.  Hassle free, cross-country transactions can be trouble-free and fun!  In fact, I may leave town just so I can be involved in another one!  As always, I’m happy to help!