Timing is Everything

My neighborhood has a Bunco Group for the ladies in the neighborhood.  We don’t actually play Bunco, but we do get together once a month and catch up on each other and happenings in the area.  Often times, the topic of real estate comes up.  A friend and neighbor was looking to sell their home. Could I help?  Boy could I!

We got together, did the paperwork and listed the house.  Here we go!  And go, we did!  Showing after showing.  Feedback and more feedback.  Endless cleaning (with three young daughters!). Countless dinners out.  The result…nothing!  Hmm.  We reduced the price.  More of the same.  Showings, feedback, cleaning, fast food take-out.  Still nothing.  As the weather began to turn and their hopes began to fade, these clients decided to take the house off the market and try again after the holidays.  They didn’t need to sell their house and they liked it a lot.  But they did want more space for their young family.

So wait we did.  Thanksgiving came and went, as did Christmas and New Year’s.  Just after the New Year we listed their house again.  Lo and behold, we had multiple offers!  What a change from just a few short months before.  Sometimes, timing is everything.  Knowing the right time is the tricky part! 

 All came together with their house sale.  On to step two-find a new house for this soon-to-be homeless family.  We looked and looked and looked some more.  Nothing that met their criteria was on the market.  The short-term solution was to secure a short-term rental.  In the meantime, we found a wonderful house in the same school district so the girls didn’t have to change schools.  That transaction also came together without a hitch.

I work hard for my clients.  When things don’t go the way they had planned, I am also troubled.  But my job is to stay focused, keep things moving forward, and be the voice of reason and reassurance.  I am thankful for these wonderful clients for staying with me.  For understanding the market ebbs and flows and for realizing that timing does make a difference.  

Since then, the family has settled in and is now able to spread out a little.  They love the new neighborhood and have made some small changes to make the house their own.  Perhaps you know a young family looking to make a move for more breathing room.  Do me a favor and have them give me a call at 608.333.4406.  I’d be happy to help!