Things Not to Ignore

Stop the scroll!

If you are a homeowner, you cannot ignore these three things:

✔Standing water. Anywhere! In the basement, the backyard, the bathtub, it doesn’t matter. standing water means there is a drainage problem or if the water is in the basement, it’s probably worse.

✔Vermin. If they are not your pets, they should not be in the house. Mice, bats or other small rodents belong outside and can cause major problems if they are inside. Check for places they may be entering and seal those spots up!

✔Mold. Almost all houses have some mold in area with high moisture, like bathrooms and occasionally kitchens. But if you find mold in other areas of the house it can be a problem. Small amounts of mold can be removed with bleach, but for bigger issues, contact a professional mold remediation company.

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