The Under-Valued Murphy Bed

Now more than ever, we need spaces that do double duty.

✌ ️A mudroom and a laundry room

✌ ️A play room and a family room

✌ ️An office and a guest room

If you have limited space, combining one space into two uses makes sense. In this case, a spare bedroom is an office by day and a guest room by night, with the help of a Murphy bed.

Murphy beds are typically used to save space, especially where floor space is valuable real estate. Small houses, apartments and even college dorm rooms are great places for a Murphy Bed. In recent years, the Murphy Bed has morphed into pulling even more weight, but adding lighting, desk space and storage to the frame.

In this case, the room featured in the photos housed a futon for guests. Talk about a rude way to welcome guests! Futons are rarely comfortable! They take up a lot of real estate in a small room and are hardly used.
Enter the Murphy bed! During the day, it is closed against a wall, taking up little space. At night it is pulled down into a comfortable retreat.