Say No to Buyer Love Letters

Buyer love letters are a thing.  Also called “choose me” letters, they are used to entice a seller to choose their offer over another offer presented.

In this crazy seller’s market, where buyers outnumber available homes to purchase, it is easy to try to pull on the heart strings of a seller.  To try to make a connection with the seller through a personalized letter.  It’s true, that buying and selling property is emotional and personal and, in some cases, gut-wrenching.  But in reality, the process is a business transaction.

While “love letters” may seem harmless and may also feel like a buyer is getting a “leg up”, these letters can be fraught with fair housing risks.  The letters often contain personal information about the buyers and frequently include photos of the buyers.  This information could then be used, knowingly or through unconscious bias, as an unlawful basis for a seller’s decision to accept or reject an offer.

Here’s buyers can do instead:

  • Put your best foot forward in terms of price and parameters of the offer.
  • Offer post-closing occupancy if that might be helpful to the seller
  • Close when the seller wants to close.

And sellers?  Base your decision on the criteria in the offer.  Period.

The potential liability is not worth the risk to anyone!