Perk Up Your Porch

Ahhh, it is finally the time of year we can spend our evenings and weekends outdoors! There is no better place than a front porch or patio. Here are some ideas to spruce up your patio or porch so you’ll never want to leave!

Furniture – Add seating so you and your friends and family will want to stay for a visit. Even a small space can benefit from a chair or a bench.

Potted plants – greenery in your sitting area provides something pleasant to look at and if the flowers are fragrant, BONUS!

Pillows and cushions – Not only do they add to the comfort level, but they add a nice splash of color, too.

Lighting – No landscape lights? No problem. You can add it easily and inexpensively with string lights, lanterns or candles. Talk about ambiance!

Water feature – Nothing is more soothing than the sound of water. Adding a small fountain or water feature can create a calm, restful patio.

Grilling Area – As the Barb-B-Que season kicks into high gear, think about a designated spot on your patio for grilling. Include a a table for the grilling utensils and as a prep area. And don’t forget a chair for the grill master!

A few other ideas to include in your outdoor space is to add an umbrella if you have a sunny backyard. Consider having a spot for reading or board games.

You can easily perk up a patio or porch affordably. And the sooner you do it, the more time you’ll have to enjoy the space!