March Homeowners Checklist

Homeowners, check the list! Spring is coming! Less than 10 days until daylight savings time begins on March 13th (Yippee!!), so it won’t be long now!

Here are some ideas to get your started!
🏡Sweep you deck or porch, so you are ready to make repairs, power wash and seal when the weather permits.

🏡Have your AC unit cleaned and inspected. It’s true, we only need our AC a few days of the year, but when we need it, we need it!

🏡Begin your garden preparation! Whether you are planning a veggie garden or flowers and shrubs, now is the time to get the plans ready so when it’s time to plant you are set to go!

🏡Clean those grimy glass doors! The grit and grime of winter (and the noses of our furry friends) take a toll on our glass panel doors. Get out the glass cleaner and give them a scrub!

🏡Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
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