Madison Home Sales

What happened in Real estate in November 2021??

The average days on the market remained the same as October at 26 days.

Near 100 fewer homes were sold in November than in October of 2021.

And, for the first time in months, the average sale price dipped. In October, 2021, the average sale price was $382,786 compared to $378,709 in November 2021.

All in all, November was still a robust market considering the time of year. November and December are typically slower months for real estate sales. What does this mean moving forward? If you are considering selling, now is the time to get the process going.

If you are planning to purchase a new home this year, start getting your ducks🦆🦆🦆 in a row.

✔Visit a lender

✔Scout out neighborhoods

✔Contact a Realtor who has your back.

It’s not too early to start. Shoot me a DM and let’s chat!