Kate and Doug

Kate and Doug were first time home buyers.  They were married a few years ago, had their first child last year and the next logical step was the purchase of a new home!  Very exciting, but also scary for first timers.   Always a big step, Kate was more timid with the prospect of spending so much of their hard-earned money on a house, while Doug could see the possibilities of every house we walked through.

Kate and I have known each other for a few years.  When I offered to help them through the home-buying process, they were thrilled to have someone they know and trust looking out for them.

The first decision was location.  They were renting on the near east side of Madison and enjoyed the restaurants, coffee shops and independent businesses that make up that eclectic neighborhood.  They also liked the near west side, closer to work for Kate.  We looked at several properties and they decided to make an offer on a small, cute little starter home on the west side that could be so much more with Doug’s vision!

Together, we wrote an offer to purchase and after a few back-and-forths, we received an accepted offer.  The inspection turned up a few issues, which we addressed through a further price-reduction.  All was moving forward nicely.  We were just waiting for the loan commitment letter and then on to closing!  

Well, we hit a small wrinkle when the lender determined that the chimney needed to be rebuilt, either before closing, or with money escrowed at closing.  Timing was a factor, as deadlines matter in Real Estate transactions.  I made a few quick phone calls to contractors I have worked with to get estimates on the cost of the repairs.  Those estimates were then used to escrow funding to have the chimney repairs made after closing.

We closed on Doug and Kate’s new house a few months ago.  A week or so after the closing, I received a note from Kate and Doug.  The note said “Thank you so much for guiding us through the process of buying our first home.  It made such a difference to have a familiar and trustworthy partner in such a monumental step in our lives.  You were patient and accommodating and we thank you for that.”

Since then, the chimney has been rebuilt and many a fire has been blazing in the fireplace.  Doug is also beginning to see the results of his vision for the house, a more open kitchen/living area, refinished floors and new paint throughout.  Oh, there’s more to do of course, but they plan to be there for a while so there is plenty of time to get the house just the way they want it.

Perhaps you know a first time homebuyer who would benefit from my help.  Please do me a favor and call me at (608) 333-4406 with their contact information.  I’d love to make them as happy as Kate and Doug!