July Homeowners Checklist

Ahhh, Summer!  We wait a long time for summer to arrive in Wisconsin.

In June, there are end of school activities and graduation parties.

In August there is back-to-school planning and last-minute vacations.

July is the month to enjoy ourselves with fewer commitments and less obligations.  

So, here is your homeowner’s checklist for July:

  • Have coffee on the patio
  • Fire up the grill for your favorite bar-b-que
  • Read a book on your porch or deck
  • Listen to a podcast on a walk around your neighborhood
  • Sit by the lake (any of the Madison lakes will do!)
  • Relax with a cocktail at your favorite outdoor venue
  • Spend some time enjoying your garden

Whatever you decide to do in July, make sure to leave the “homework” at home.  There will be plenty of time next month!

Happy July!