Like hotdogs?? Hot-diggity-dog, it is your lucky day!

It’s National Hotdog Day. All. Day. Celebrated during National Hotdog Month (July) the truly American dog has it’s own day on the third Wednesday in July.

Not to be confused with the Wisconsin Brat, the hotdog has a variety of aliases. We also call them frankfurters, weinerdogs and red hots. Whatever we call them, Americans young and old love them.

Celebrating this day is pretty easy. Fire up the grill, grab the buns and condiments and getting grilling, because hotdogs and summer go hand-in-hand.

🌭We eat them at the amusement park.

🌭 We eat them at the baseball game.

🌭 We eat them at the fair.

🌭 We eat them in our own backyard.

No backyard? No problem! Let me help you find the best grilling station ever (anchored by a house, of course ).

Oh, and one more thing! There does seem to be some controversary over whether ketchup belongs on a hotdog. Let me know if you are pro or anti-ketchup on your 🌭