Game Day

I love badger football.  I’ll sometimes do anything to attend a game.

Several years ago a last minute invitation to attend the season opener had me giddy, and a bit harried!

-Change into a red shirt

-Grab some cash

-Feed the dog

-Out the door with my son at the wheel of the car.  A quick stop to pick up the ticket and then a few more blocks to get closer to Camp Randall.  This was going to be fun!

As I was climbing out of the car, ticket in my lap, I watched as the ticket fluttered into the sewer!  Seriously, it was like slow motion!  I could see the ticket, but how to retrieve it?  Well, I did what any normal, Badger fan would do.  I laid in the gutter, reached into the sewer and tried to grab the ticket through the grate.  That didn’t work.

Hmmm, what to do?  A tall (long arms) college student happened by.  He was happy to try to grab the ticket.  No luck.

Another idea!  What if we lift off the grate?  Duh!  With the grate removed a jump into the sewer to swoop up my ticket and I was off again.

I made it to the game, a few minutes after the opening kickoff.  The Badgers won that day and I learned that you can lift sewer grates.

Not a football fan?  There are lots of other events happening this weekend;

Monroe Street First Friday – September 2 – pop-ups, live music and ice cream.  Many retailers extend their hours, too.

Taste of Madison – September 3-4th on the Capitol Square – food vendors, live music and it’s FREE!

Paoli Art in the Park – September 3-4th, Paoli, WI