Gallery Night!

Who doesn’t love art??

The Restaino & Associates Monroe St. office is proud to be participating in Fall Gallery Night! In partnership with MMoCA, we will be hosting four local award-winning artists!

Eric Baillies – 19th Century Photographic Processes

Chuck Bauer – Oli Paint

Karolina Romanowska – Clay/Sculpture

Camille Davis – Watercolor

Please join us Friday November 12th from 5-8:30 p.m. for light refreshments, good conversation and beautiful art viewing! Gallery Night will be held at the Restaino & Associates Monroe St. office located at 2945 Monroe St. in Madison.

Here’s a bit more info on all the artists! I hope to see you there!

Eric Baillies – Specializes in 19th Century photographic processes from the very beginnings of the discovery of photography.  Taught by a world-renowned process historian in Rochester New York at the home of George Eastman, Eric creates work using large (8×10″) and ultra large (20×24″) format cameras to produce direct positives on metal and handmade negatives on glass with various hand-made print processes that are considered the most archival images one can make in all of photography.   

Chuck Bauer – Oil Paintings, His artist statement is as follows. My works are usually executed on site, en plein air (“in the open air”), during one or two painting sessions. I find there is no substitute for direct response to the natural world because photographs are weak, and memory is weaker. My subjects are often mere excuses to use color expressively, or to work out compositional themes that engage my interest. At the same time no one interested in the details of perception could be immune to the beauty of this part of the Midwest, so any emotional content one might sense in this work is in no way unintended. Simply think of these paintings as “Boxes of Imaginative Air.”
Most of my paintings are of modest size because I paint wherever I go and am rarely without painting supplies. I carry them on foot, in a canoe, on my bike, on subways, in airplanes, on trains, busses, cars, trucks, golf carts, boats, and ships. Motorcycle might be next, and horseback even sounds good! Maybe even a rocket ship someday.
Painting en plein air offers special pleasures and special challenges. Shifting light, blowing wind, expanded time, serene stillness, chill dampness, falling snow, blazing sunshine, puzzled wildlife, and hungry insects are some of them. Most are surprising. Many are wonderful. Few are daunting. All are stimulating. Charles is available, for home portraiture commissions, and his work had been collected throughout Wisconsin.

Karolina Romanowski – Sculpture Karolina is a local maker with an emphasis on figurative sculpture. Her clay masks and figures are heavily influenced by folk and ritual art, their transformative yet simple themes and aesthetics drive her creative reasons. The illustrative aspects of Karolina’s work can be found within the facial expression and its relationship to the textures and colors that surround it. The work is meant to create a space in which the viewer can revisit a time or experience a memory, a familiar yet new bridge between now and something/somewhere else.

Camille Davis – Camille produces paintings and prints inspired by the natural world.  Camille’s plume watercolor works have gained wide acclaim and are featured in the Seattle Museum gift shop.  A recent transplant from Wyoming her work draws directly from nature.  Camille has an established following and representation in Galleries in the Northwest and particularly Wyoming, her plume or feather watercolors are light and depict the physical nature of weightlessness with great success it is this touch which separates her from other artists.   Originals and prints will be available.