Chasing Kathy

Finding me shouldn’t be hard.  But, that’s not always the case.  Pre-Covid-19, I was at EVP Coffee House having my usual Wednesday morning “office hours”.  A woman came rushing in, looked around and asked if I was Kathy Epping.  Yes, I answered.  She looked relieved.  She had a house to sell in the Vilas area and had been chasing me down!

Well, the longer story is that she and her husband had already moved out of their Vilas home.  But the evening before she chased me down, she slept at the “old” house so she could find me the following morning.  She got up early and went to the EVP on Mineral Point Rd.  It was closed. Back to the Vilas house to search my website.  Instead, she checked Instagram and found that I had just posted that I was at the EVP on Midvale at Sequoya Commons.  She jumped back in the car and hurried to the Sequoya location.  After scurrying around all morning, she was thankful to have found me.

Fortunately for both of us I was still at EVP and happy to talk!  We set up a time to meet at her house for the listing.  We listed her house.   I also had a buyer who might be interested.  The buyers were interested.  They looked at the house.  They wrote an offer.  It was accepted.  Inspection, check.  Loan commitment, check.   The house sold quickly and easily right in the middle of the COVID-19 chaos.

Finding the right Realtor isn’t always easy.  It must be a good fit and good communication; trust and honesty are all important.  But a Realtor must also be accessible.  I am actually easy to find!  You can call/text me at 608-333-4406.  Find me on Instagram at @kathysmithepping or Facebook at Kathy Smith Epping Realtor or by visiting my website

Here’s to chasing me down!