Buying a Home? Watch Out of These Costly Mistakes

Buying a home to build equity, provide security, and accumulate generational wealth? Yes, please! 

Letting lifestyle creep (and too many streaming subscriptions) erode your financial cushion and derail your path to homeownership? That’s gonna be a hard pass. 

Fact is, some homeownership costs are non-negotiable – mortgage, property taxes, and insurance. But there are also home expenses that are completely unnecessary — ones that can be mitigated, managed, and minimized. 

Here are 3 ways to help you steer clear of frivolous expenditures. 

1) Pick your neighborhood wisely.  Not all corners of town treat your wallet the same. Be confident and explore emerging neighborhoods for wallet-friendly options when home hunting.

2) Don’t overlook energy efficiency.  An energy audit is a simple way to learn where your hard-earned dollars are flying out the door — literally. 

3) Trim your spending.  It’s not glamorous, but it’s smart. Regularly eliminate the fluff from your budget, including one too many monthly subscriptions and streaming options. My guess? You might not even notice if they’re gone.

Want to chat more about buying a home? I‘d love to help you take your next step!