A Ringing Phone

My phone rings a lot.  A lot!  It’s a good thing and this particular day was no different.  At the other end of the line was Caroline, a woman who wanted to look at one of the houses I had listed for sale.  We set a day and time to meet at the house.

Upon arrival at the designated time, I met Caroline and Aaron, a young, newly married couple looking to purchase their first home.  It turns out this house wasn’t the right one for them.  After some discussion to learn more about their wants and needs, I promised to stay in touch and send them some others that might be of interest.  Over the next few weeks we exchanged e-mails and phone calls and looked at several homes.  Nothing was right.  

One Sunday, my phone rang again.  Caroline and Aaron had just left an open house they LOVED!  Would I go look at it?  They wanted to write an offer.  A did a quick run through at the open house and met them at the office to write the offer.  Several long, anxious days later, we learned that another party had gotten the house.  Shoot!  The search continues.  We looked at others, including a second look at the original house that brought us together.  But when you find the one you want and it gets away, it’s sometimes hard to move on.

Still more time passes and I receive another call from Caroline.  They think they found another house, and it’s just down the street from the “house that got away”.  It’s not on the market, though. A friend of a friend is selling it.  Can I help?  Absolutely!  Of course, they don’t need me if it’s not listed and I mention this to Caroline and Aaron.  “Oh no,” Caroline explains.  “You have been so helpful, we want you involved.”   So forward we march.  We write a good, solid offer and it is accepted.  We work through the inspection, secure the financing and the closing date is set.  A month later, Caroline and Aaron are new homeowners and are thrilled with their new home!  Another happy client!

A few months pass and my phone rings (remember it rings a lot!).  It’s a friend of Caroline and Aaron, who are looking to purchase a new house.  Can I help?  Absolutely!  And so we began their search.

Caroline and Aaron gave me the ultimate thank you by referring their friends to me (who did buy a house, by the way.  You’ll hear their story in another note).  I am so grateful to Caroline and Aaron for sending their friends my way.   As they say, it’s not always what you know but who you know.

Perhaps you know someone who is looking to buy their first home.  Or maybe someone looking to downsize or relocate to another area?  Do me a favor and have them give me a call at (608) 333-4406.  I promise, I’ll answer the phone!